Transport Times Awards

Professor David Begg, Director of Transport Times Events and Chair of the Judging Panel, established the prestigious London Transport Awards, Scottish Transport Awards and National Transport Awards in 1999.

Transport is critical to the nation's quality of life and its economic success. Having worked in the transport sector for many years, David felt strongly that there needed to be a means by which excellence in transport should be adequately recognised and the dedication, hardwork and innovation shown by those delivering transport initiatives be publicly rewarded. The Transport Times Awards provide an important platform for organisations and individuals to showcase their work, to encourage best practice and to achieve the recognition they deserve.

Year on year the quality of submissions for the Awards continues to improve which is a true testament to the progress being made within the transport industry.

More information about each of the Awards and how to enter can be found on each of the Awards pages on this site.

5th March 2015

2nd October 2014

19th June 2014