Door-to-door by public transport: One day conference in association with ATOC and CPT

24th Jun 2009

The UK Government and the main bus and train operators are now taking the issue of door-to-door journeys by public transport very seriously. The continuing increase in the number of rail journeys offers bus operators a unique opportunity to grow their local market share, by offering travellers improved integration facilities.

The Door-to-Door Journeys Working Group was formed to address the Secretary of State for Transport's concern that continued growth in rail patronage might start to stall due to actual or perceived problems that travellers have getting to/from the rail station. The working group has produced a detailed report examining the issues. It makes a range of recommendations for both the immediate implementation and for the longer-term, which will be launched and distributed at this conference.

Topics for discussion

  • What are travellers' expectations and how can operators best meet them?
  • What can bus and train operators do in partnership to improve the travellers' experience of complete journeys by public transport?
  • What quick improvements can operators make as part of a long-term programme?
  • How integrated journey information, integrated ticketing and interchange infrastructure play a vital role in making door-to-door journeys by public transport easy and more convenient?
  • What is current best-practice and what barriers exist to the adoption of best-practice across Britain?